About Us

Denmar Distributing and Services Ltd initially  began as a distributing Company. In that we bought large quantity of superior products on the open market and then further distribute them to small and medium-sized businesses. In doing so we were able understand different products and market trends which enables us to find out niche market. This vision have us an advantage whereby we were able to specialized in products that equates with our mission and values where ethics and morals are of high significance.

In 2013, a very concise decision was taken with regards to our business objectives and direction. We decided that we would in the health and beauty sector focusing on hair and skin products. During this period, there was a sudden resurgence in lifestyle changes whereby consumers was trending toward natural/organic products that were plant base, cruelty free, petroleum free, chemical free, paraben free and without animal testing.

After recognising our niche market, we researched, developed and formulate and bottle our own products. Our products are tested for quality, efficacy and performance in reputable laboratories. This gives rise to our dedicated brand ' Organic Blend '- the name says it all. Our hair and skin products are formulated from organic/ natural ingredients. We endeavour to get our ingredients directly from there source but when this is impossible, we buy from certified organic shops hence, ensuring high quality ingredients.

We thrive because of our customers, hence we listen to our customers. We take all complaints seriously and will be dealt with appropriately. We started with only three products, today we have over thirty products. We couldn't grow without our valid customers .